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Caring for your breastfeeding bra

Your new breastfeeding bras are sure to become some of the most worn items in your wardrobe - just ask any breastfeeding mama! Not only will you wear your nursing bras day-in and day-out, you may also sleep in them overnight for extra comfort and support. It's important to take care of your maternity and nursing bras, to keep them in the best shape for your breastfeeding journey. 


Preparing for the Fourth Trimester - Renata Lardelli, Midwife and Nurse

The fourth trimester is the most important but most forgotten trimester. In this blog, Renata Lardelli shares practical, insightful info on preparing for the fourth trimester. Renata is a Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, and creator of the Lila Jasmine Fourth Trimester Workshops and Lila Jasmine Lactation Bars

Choosing the Right Bra for Each Stage of Pregnancy & Postpartum

Breasts can be one of the first things to change when you're pregnant - and changes can continue throughout pregnancy and once baby is born too. It's so important to wear the right maternity and breastfeeding bra for each stage of pregnancy and post-partum. 


Five ways to jazz up your jeans-and-a-top look

Mornings can be so hectic when you're a mama. It's so important to have a go-to outfit in your wardrobe for that is effortlessly stylish, super comfortable, and breastfeeding friendly. We love a classic jeans-and-a-top outfit for this reason! With a few small details, you can easily elevate your outfit for a slightly dressier look.


Three easy ways to wear this breastfeeding top

Stay warm, stay comfy, stay cool - here's three easy ways to wear our newest breastfeeding top, the v-neck tank.

Meet the Maker with Little Mash

Originally posted on Little Mash. Michele speaks to Renata from Little Mash for their Meet the Maker series. Find out what sparked the idea for our range of NZ designed breastfeeding clothes, what it's like working with family, and our dreams for the future. 


Thoughts on breastfeeding in public

Thoughts on breastfeeding in public

Did you know the majority of New Zealanders support breastfeeding in public, yet many mothers still don't feel comfortable doing so? Women often feel like they are 'getting their boobs out', or they feel a need to 'cover up
Going Back to Work While You're Breastfeeding

Going Back to Work While You're Breastfeeding

For any new mum, deciding if or when to return to work can be a massive decision. I went back to work when my first baby, Zebediah, was seven months old. In this blog I share a few insights from my experience breastfeeding while working. 
How to style the ruffle breastfeeding top

How to style the ruffle breastfeeding top

Looking for fresh style inspo this winter? Check out how some of our friends are styling their beautiful ruffle breastfeeding tops!

Tips for breastfeeding mums returning to exercise

Getting back into exercise after having a baby and while breastfeeding is a big deal and for some it can be quite overwhelming. Renee and Jen from Real Health NZ share their tips for returning to exercise safely.