About Close to the Heart breastfeeding clothes



Enjoy the moment. Find a way to be happy in whatever situation you're in. Because the nights might be long and the days slow, but the years really do pass in a blink of an eye. Welcome to Close to the Heart. We make breastfeeding clothes that you can look and feel amazing in. We want to help women feel happy in their new roles as mums. 

Close to the Heart designs breastfeeding clothes that help you adapt to your new circumstances, and mean you don't have to change who you are. 

Breastfeeding is something very close to our hearts

Close to the Heart is driven by three women (with six boys between us!), Michele Lithgow, Jacqui Gage-Brown and Alex Gage-Brown. We are sisters and sisters-in-law. 

Breastfeeding is something very close to our hearts, We love that it's the one thing we can do for our babies, that no one else can do. For years we've struggled to find breastfeeding clothes that we feel happy wearing. There are some beautiful ranges out there, but the styles just weren't for us. So we thought, why not make it ourselves? 

Maintaining sense of self is key as a mum

At Close to the Heart we design clothing that we love. And then, we just add breastfeeding access. It's pretty simple, really! You won't find any 'mum uniforms' here - just minimal, refined clothing that you can add your own style to. 

We believe maintaining sense of self is key as a mum, and what you wear can directly impact how you feel. So wear clothes that you love, that you feel great in.

In sync with our customers

We want to hear from other women. Do you have a favourite piece that you wish, "if only this had zips and I could feed in it!" Well show us and let's see what we can do to make it happen. Get in touch with Close to the Heart.