Helping you choose the best breastfeeding and maternity bras

Your breasts have such a big job to do when you're pregnant and feeding! It's so important to take care of them with supportive, comfortable and well-fitting breastfeeding bras.

Based in NZ, our range of nursing bras is designed to help your breasts feel lifted, supported and super comfortable during pregnany and feeding. From t-shirt style bras, to activewear crops, and beautiful lace bralettes, we have a range of bras to suit your lifestyle and personal taste.

We know shopping for bras online can be tricky, so we make things easier with an easy returns and exchanges process. Each bra style has a unique size guide to help you choose the right size, but if you have any specific questions, please get in touch - we're happy to help.

Types of Maternity & Breastfeeding Bras

As soon as you’re pregnant, it can feel like your boobs start to undergo all these changes. Sensitive, sore, swollen… it’s not long until you need some new bras for these new assets.

But with so many options to choose from, where do you even begin? In this blog we take you through the different types of maternity and breastfeeding bras in NZ.

How to Hook Your Breastfeeding Bra

Finding the perfect breastfeeding bra is so important! Comfort and fit are key, and it's important to choose the right size, and to know how to correctly wear your bra. The way you hook your bra, can make a big difference.

In this article we explain which bra hooks to use, and when.


Best Maternity & Breastfeeding Bras for Your Stage of Pregnancy & Beyond

Your breasts can the first things to experience change when you're pregnant - and changes can continue throughout pregnancy, and once baby is born too. This guide takes you through the best bras for each stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Caring For Your Breastfeeding Bra

Your new breastfeeding bras are sure to become some of the most worn items in your wardrobe! It's important to take care of your bras, to keep them in their best shape. We have you covered with these simple and practical tips for washing and caring for your breastfeeding bras.