Caring for your breastfeeding bra

Your new breastfeeding bras are sure to become some of the most worn items in your wardrobe - just ask any breastfeeding mama! Not only will you wear your nursing bras day-in and day-out, you may also sleep in them overnight for extra comfort and support. 

It's important to take care of your maternity and nursing bras, to keep them in the best shape for your breastfeeding journey. 

We have you covered with these simple and practical tips for washing and caring for your breastfeeding bras. 

You may need to wash your feeding bras more often than regular bras

Breastfeeding can be a messy job! Hormonal changes can make you more hot and sweaty under your armpits and bust, and your boobs can leak milk during and in-between feeds.

Add a spilly baby to the mix... and you may find you need to wash your breastfeeding bras more often than normal bras.

An easy rule is to wash your bras after two wears - or more often if they have milk stains or other marks. 

Tips for washing your bra in the washing machine

Let's be real - if you have a baby, you probably don't have time for hand-washing! Machine washing your bras is totally fine - but here are some simple tips to keep your bras looking their best in the machine:

1. Use a lingerie bag 

A lingerie bag is one of the best ways to look after your breastfeeding bras in the washing machine. The mesh bag will protect your bras from becoming stretched out, and keep hooks from snagging on other clothing.

Pro tip: Close your bra clasps first so they don’t catch on other bras, or the bag!

2. Wash in cold or cool water 

A cold or cool wash will help protect your bras - and your power bill! 

Over time, hot water can break down the elastic, spandex, seams, hooks, and buckles on your bra. So opt for a cold or cool wash, and use a detergent that is formulated for a cool wash.

3. Use a delicates cycle 

Bras need a little extra love in the washing machine, so choose a delicates cycle to help look after them. A delicates cycle is shorter and more gentle on clothes. 

Pro tip: Wash your bras along with your other delicate items, to reduce the number of wash loads! 

4. Avoid tumble drying - at all costs! 

We know how tempting it can be to throw everything in the dryer - but this is a big no for bras.

Bras are sensitive to heat, and your bra is very likely to shrink and lose its shape in the dryer.

We recommend hanging your bras out to dry on a line. Avoid direct sunlight, and lie flat if possible to help retain the shape. 

Pro tip: Make sure your breastfeeding bra is fully dry before you pop it in the drawer - to prevent any musty odours down the track! 

5. Store with love and care 

Not going to lie - folding and putting away washing is one of our least favourite jobs! Shoving in a drawer is tempting... but when it comes to your breastfeeding bras, it pays to store them with care.

  • Store bras in a dedicated bra drawer or shelf
  • Avoid squashing your bras
  • Stack your bras with cups placed inside each other, or fold soft bras in half and lay them flat 

These steps will help protect the shape of your bra and avoid squashing and stretching. 

How many breastfeeding bras do I need?

We're often asked, "how many breastfeeding bras do I need?" We're all different, and there's no magic number - however we recommend starting with at least three breastfeeding bras.

This means one to wear, one in the wash, and one in the clean washing pile. 

If you have leak during or between feeds or have a spilly baby, you may need to change your bras more often. In this case, it would pay to have a few extra to help make things easier. 

Breastfeeding bras are really important, and you expect a lot from them, but at the same time, they take a little extra love and care. Hand-washing isn't practical for most people (or anyone?!), and it is possible to look after your bra in the washing machine, if you follow the right steps.

Our range of breastfeeding and maternity bras are made with quality materials that are designed to see you through breastfeeding - and beyond. Whether you're looking for lift, shape, support or softness - browse our range to find the perfect bra to suit your lifestyle and taste. 


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