Choosing the Right Bra for Each Stage of Pregnancy & Postpartum

Sore and swollen boobs: They can be one of the tell-tale signs of early pregnancy, a sign that your body is preparing to grow and birth a baby. 

Changes don't just happen in the first trimester - your breasts may continue to change throughout pregnancy, and once baby is born too.

For some women breast changes can be subtle, while for others they can be more drastic. And just to keep you on your toes - changes can also vary between pregnancies.

However and whenever your breasts change, it's so important to wear the right maternity and breastfeeding bra for each stage. 

Best Maternity Bras for Your Stage of Pregnancy

First trimester: 0 - 3 Months Pregnant (Transitional period)

During this exciting phase of early pregnancy, you may experience tender and swollen breasts, as your body prepares for the milk-making ahead. For some women, breasts can increase up to 3 cup sizes during the first trimester. 

If you experience rapid growth, you may find you quite quickly need to invest in new bras. You'll want to find non-wired, stretchy and seamless bras that can grow with you. It makes sense to look at bras that are also breastfeeding-friendly - to save you money down the track.

Tips for choosing a maternity bra in the first trimester:

 The same fitting rules apply when buying a maternity bra: 

  • Your breasts should be fully encased inside the bra and not spilling out the top or sides.
  • You don't want any excess fabric in the cups.
  • The under band should fit firmly, and you should be able to place two fingers inside the band at the back. 
  • The clasps should start on the loosest hook, so you can tighten as the bra stretches 
  • The straps should be secure and not dig into your shoulders.

Second and Third Trimesters: 3 - 9 Months Pregnant

During the second and third trimesters your breast growth may slow down - however your rib cage may start to expand - and your bump! Now might be a good time to get fitted by a professional to find out your new band and cup size.

Breasts may start to feel heavy or sore again during the last trimester, and you may want to start sleeping in a sleep-friendly bra for comfort. 

Top tips for buying maternity bras during the second and third trimesters:

  • Look for wire-free bras with at least 4 rows of hooks and 4 or more eyes for greater support and extension so the bra can grow and flex with you.
  • Invest in a bra that is strong and durable. 
  • Choose a bra that has a good lower cup support structure.
  • Look for bras that are also breastfeeding friendly, so you can keep wearing them once baby is born. 

Best Breastfeeding Bras for Postparturm 

The first few days and weeks 

Once baby is born, be prepared for even more changes! Now more than ever, it's so important to wear wire-free and comfortable bras, to avoid restriction and blocked milk ducts. 

You may find your breasts grow rapidly when your milk comes through (around 2-5 days after birth) - they can even become engorged and quite tender. But don't worry - engorgement will reduce as your milk supply regulates.

If you experience engorgement, you may feel more comfortable wearing a supportive breastfeeding singlet instead of a bra, with built-in shelf for support and for holding breastpads in place.

Breastfeeding bras for the newborn days 

  • It’s super important to wear a non-wired, stretchy and seamless breastfeeding bras. 
  • Make sure your bra isn't too tight - this could lead to blocked ducts and mastitis. 
  • Some women like to wear a bra overnight for absorbency and support. It’s essential this is soft and flexible, and doesn't cut in to your breasts.

6+ Weeks Postpartum

By this time, your breasts should have settled into their new size as your body has regulated your milk supply. Your cup size may still fluctuate throughout the day, but these fluctuations should be more consistent.

Many women tell us their breasts return to the size they were at around 8 months pregnant.

  • Wear your choice of flexible-wire, contour or fuller figure bras, with plenty of top cup stretch.
  • Choose a quality bra that is made from good, durable fabrics.

How many breastfeeding bras do I need?

We recommend having at least 3 bras on hand for breastfeeding as you may want to wear them all day and overnight. This means one to wear, one in the wash and one in the drawer (or the washing basket!).  

You may also find you need to change bras throughout the day, if you leak milk while feeding and between feeds.

Choosing from our range of breastfeeding bras 

Our carefully considered breastfeeding bras are designed for maximum support, fit, function, versatility and durability.

Perfect Fit Breastfeeding Bra

Supportive, soft and flexible, the Perfect Fit breastfeeding bra will be your daily go-to! The Perfect Fit nursing bra feels so soft and comfortable against your skin, while also providing fantastic lift and support. Shop here.


  • Wirefree, Seamless, soft and 4-way stretch fabric
  • Removable washable pads
  • One-handed click open, drop-down cups and side sling for skin-to-skin nursing contact
  • 4 hook clasp for support, and 4 rows of eyelets allow for band size changes
  • Knit-in zones around the cups provide lift and support
  • Fits 6 - 18 and cup sizes A - E

 Lace Nursing Bralette

Our lace nursing bralette feels incredibly soft and luxurious against your skin, while also providing ultimate support and comfort. You'll love the stunning lace underband, lace detailing over the bust, and the plunging neckline. Shop here.


  • Wirefree, soft stretch fabric and delicate lace
  • Removable washable pads
  • One-handed click open, drop-down cups, with peephole style nursing access
  • 3 hook clasp for support, with 6 rows of eyelets allow for band size changes
  • Fits 6 - 16 and cup sizes A - DD

 Criss Cross Breastfeeding Crop

Designed for the ultimate sports luxe look, you will feel supported and stylish in this breastfeeding bra. Ultra supportive, luxuriously soft, and super comfortable - the Criss Cross Yoga Crop is the perfect nursing bra for mamas on the go. Shop here.


  • Wirefree, seamless, moisture-wicking fabric 
  • Supportive and breathable 
  • One-handed click open, drop-down cups for breastfeeding access
  • Side sling for skin-to-skin nursing contact
  • 3 hook clasp for support, with 4 rows of eyelets allow for band size changes
  • Fits 6 - 16 and cup sizes A – DD

 Everyday Coverage Breastfeeding Bra

The ultimate in wire-free comfort, the Everyday Coverage breastfeeding bra provides extra coverage and lift for nursing mamas. 

Lift, shape, and support with the Everyday Coverage breastfeeding bra. This breastfeeding bra provides extra coverage for ultimate wire-free comfort and support.  


  • Wirefree, Seamless, soft and 4 way stretch fabric
  • One-handed click open, drop-down cups, with side sling for skin-to-skin nursing contact
  • 4 hook clasp for support, with 4 rows of eyelets 
  • Knit-in zones around the cups provide lift and support
  • Larger cup area for extended coverage
  • Fits 6 - 18 and cup sizes A - G



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