Five ways to jazz up your jeans-and-a-top look

Mornings can be so hectic when you're a mama. It's so important to have a go-to outfit in your wardrobe for that is effortlessly stylish, super comfortable, and breastfeeding friendly if you're a nursing mama! 

We love a classic jeans-and-a-top outfit for this reason! It's such an easy combo to throw-on-and-go, and with a few small details, you can easily elevate your outfit for a slightly dressier look. 

Five ways to elevate your jeans and a top look: 

  1. Pop on fresh comfy sneakers
  2. Tuck in the front of your top (with its scooped hem our Dome Henley is perfect for this!)
  3. Loop on a belt
  4. Add earrings and gloss for a bit of extra jazz!
  5. Add a chunky scarf!

Find warm and stylish breastfeeding tops in NZ

Our new Dome Henley is such a versatile breastfeeding top to pair with jeans. With drop shoulders, slightly curved hem and a relaxed fit, the Henley makes it easy to look fabulous without having to think about it! 

And for breastfeeding mamas - the silver press domes are super easy to open and close for nursing. WIth four colours to choose from, you'll be reaching for your Henley on the daily!  

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