How to Hook Your Breastfeeding Bra

Finding the perfect breastfeeding bra is so important! Comfort and fit are key, and it's important to choose the right size, and to know how to correctly wear your bra. The way you hook your bra, can make a big difference.

Breastfeeding bra hooks explained 


Which hook should I wear my new breastfeeding bra on?

When you first buy a breastfeeding bra, you should wear it on the loosest row of hooks. That way, as the bra band softens and stretches over time, you can tighten the band by readjusting to the next row of hooks. 

Is my bra band the right size?

Most of the support in a bra comes from the band, and it's really important this is fitting well. When you try your new nursing bra for the first time, here are some key checks to make: 

  • Are you using the loosest row of hooks? 
  • Is the band fiting snuggly and not digging in?
  • Can you fit two fingers underneath the band at the back?

If you're using the tightest hooks, the bra may be too big and you may need to size down. If you are using the loosest hooks and the band is digging in and not comfortable, you may need to size up.

When do I start using the next row of bra hooks?

Our breastfeeding bras are soft and flexible, and they'll flex and mould with your changing body. You will notice the band softens and stretches over time. After around three months you may need to readjust your bra hooks to the next row.

Our wire-free breastfeeding and maternity bras have more rows of hooks than a normal bra, so you can tighten the band over time and extend the life of your bra.

I'm on the tightest bra hooks, now what?

We said this earlier, but it's really important so we'll say it again: If you're trying a new bra on for the first time, and you're using the tighest row of hooks, the bra may be too big you may need to size down. Don't worry, we make exchanging your breastfeeding bra super easy - just get in touch.

Now, if you've had your bra for a while and you've reached the tightest hooks  and the band is feeling loose, it may be time for a new bra.

How to know when your breastfeeding bra fits correctly

Finding the perfect fit for your maternity and breastfeeding bra is so important. As well as making sure the band is hooked correctly, here are some other checks to make:

  • The cup should enclose the whole breast, and your breasts shouldn't spill out the sides or in the middle 
  • The cup shouldn't be too lose. Bend forward and check if the cup gapes - if it does, the bra may be too big
  • The band should form a straight line around the body, and not pull up at the back. 
  • You should start on the loosest hooks, or the second row of hooks at the most. If you need to hook the bra any tighter than this, you may need to size down.
  • You should be able to place a finger between the shoulder straps and your shoulder, and the straps shouldn't dig in.
  • If the band is sitting high at the back, you may have shortened the straps too much. 

When is the best time to buy a breastfeeding bra? 

We're all different and our bodies respond to pregnancy differently. Some women experience drastic breast changes in the first trimester, and for others growth peaks in the third trimester.

There's no rule around when you should buy a breastfeeding bra, but one thing we say is this: If your current bra is uncomfortable and ill-fitting, it's time to look for a new one. Comfort and support is so important - especially during pregnancy! 

Look for wire-free, supportive bras that you can wear during pregnancy, AND that you can breastfeed in. If you buy a breastfeeding-friendly bra now, you can keep wearing it once baby is born, saving you money down the track. 

Best bras for pregnancy

If you're looking for a bra to wear during pregnancy as well as for breastfeeding, we recommend the Everyday Coverage and Perfect Fit. These bras are wire-free, flexible and soft. They'll give you lift and support, and they'll mould with your changing shape. They are also safe for sleeping, which is so important when you're breastfeeding. 

Should I size up in my maternity bras?

Buy the size that best fits you now. If you size up, the bra will be too big and won't give you the support you need. 

The bra you buy in early pregnancy may not fit you in the later stages of pregnancy, but once baby is born and your milk suppy has established, you may return to the size you were when you bought the bra.

Need help choosing the right size or style?

If you are unsure about the right size or style to choose for pregnancy or breastfeeding, please get in touch. We are more than happy to help! 



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