Summertime clothes for breastfeeding mamas

Breastfeeding in summer can be hot work - but finding summertime clothes for breastfeeding mamas doesn't have to be a challenge! In this blog Close to the Heart co-founder Jacqui Gage-Brown shares her thoughts on summer outfits for nursing mums. 

My first boy was due 2 January. I remember being at a New Year's Eve party with friends, having stayed in Hamilton City, New Zealand as we didn’t want to venture too far away in case our birthing plan had to kick into action. All night, people joked about how great it would be if I went into labour that night. How great it would be to have a New Year’s baby.

But I didn’t, and it was nine more grueling days in the heat of the humid summer until my first son was born, 9lb 8oz - not bad for a first-time heifer (hubby from a farming background!). 

Now, in the middle of summer, finding breastfeeding clothes can be easier… whip off your singlet or pull up your lightweight top for access and bingo – away you go. Seriously, this is great for around the house (without visitors). But what about when you need a public outfit? 

I was given a box of clothes for breastfeeding mothers from an American lecturer at the University that I worked out, and that was when I got my first taste of breastfeeding clothing. Needless to say, I didn’t wear any of it! But my hubby and I definitely had lots of laughs as I tried the various late-1990s Seers catalogue style clothing on. 

Roll forward to 2019/2020, and the clothing options for breastfeeding mothers are amazing, stylish, comfortable and simple. 

We have layered tanks with peek-a-boo vents, summer dresses with hidden zips or dome access through the front. 

No longer do nursing mothers need to hide at home or hang blankets over their feeding baby to hide them away. Breastfeeding in public can be done with confidence, with access that is comfortable and realistic, and while feeling stylish and comfortable. 

This summer, enjoy your outfits! Enjoy wearing clothing that allows you to breastfeed, while helping you feel human and happy.


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