How to Choose Maternity Underwear for Pregnancy and Post Birth

Comfort is key during pregnancy. Once your bump starts to grow, you'll find yourself looking for maternity clothes that help you feel comfortable and stylish throughout the trimesters.

You may have already thought about maternity dresses or maternity tops to add to your wardrobe - but have you considered one of the most important items in your wardrobe?! YES - we're talking about underwear!   

What is maternity underwear?

Maternity underwear is generally super stretchy and either low-cut, to fit underneath your bump, or high-waisted, to fit over it.

Do I need to wear maternity underwear for pregnancy?

While you can often get away with wearing your regular underwear during pregnancy, maternity underwear is just so much more comfortable! And because maternity underwear is designed especially for pregnancy, you'll avoid stretching out your regular briefs. 

Why we love pregnancy underwear

Maternity underwear is designed to fit your growing bump, and is designed for ultimate comfort. That means no riding up, and no digging in!

Pregnancy underwear will grow with you and mould to your changing shape - unlike your regular underwear, which may feel too tight in the waistband as you move through the trimesters.

Types of maternity underwear

There are a few styles of maternity underwear to choose from! Like everything, you need to find what works for you. 

  • Above-the-bump: High-waisted maternity underwear fully covers your bump. This style is super supportive and comfortable. 
  • Below-the-bump: Low-cut briefs sit below your bump. These are a versatile style that suit all stages of pregnancy.
  • Mid-bump: Mid-rise undies sit in the middle of your bump. Less common than the other styles, you'll want to make sure the waistband of mid-bump panties is super soft and stretchy. 

What to look for when buying maternity underwear


The most important thing is choosing maternity underwear that’s comfortable and feels good on your body. 


Women often experience warmer body temperatures during pregnancy, so you'll want to choose breathable fabrics like bamboo, breathable nylon, or cotton.


We love seamless underwear styles for pregnancy, as they are SO comfortable and won't ride up or dig in!  

Maternity underwear for post-partum 

Maternity underwear isn't just for pregnancy! You may find yourself reaching for your maternity underwear once baby is born too. 

High-waisted maternity underwear will help you feel supported and comfortable post-birth. And with full coverage and a wider gusset, these are a great style for holding pads in place. 

If your baby is born via c-section, high-waisted maternity underwear will sit above your c-section incision - making these super comfy for the recovery period. 

Where to find maternity underwear in NZ

High-waisted and seamless, our new maternity underwear is designed to keep you comfortable for pregnancy and beyond. 

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