Pregnant this Winter? Your Guide to Winter Maternity Clothes

It’s time to layer up because it’s getting cold out there! But dressing for winter is a bit more tricky if you're pregnant... how do you keep warm and stylish, with an ever-growing bump?! 

The good news is, you don't need to invest in a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes. Mixing your favourite pieces with a few items of maternity clothes is a simple, affordable way to stay warm and cosy this winter. 

Layer up! 

Layering is key for warmth and for keeping your bump covered! Long maternity t-shirts, tanks and singlets can be layered with your normal sweaters and knits, helping to make your regular wardrobe last a bit longer. 

Wear stretchy fabrics as a base layer, and layer with your favourite warm and cosy sweaters on top. 

Explore your existing knits and sweaters

Before you hit the shops for maternity clothes, it pays to try on your existing knits and sweaters, and see which ones still do the trick. You might decide to treat yourself to new maternity sweaters for extra length and room, but you may also find some practical choices in your current wardrobe. 

Cardigans are a super versatile option for all stages of pregnancy. Layer with a maternity t-shirt for extra length, and a scarf for extra warmth (pssst... cardigans make a great outfit choice if you're breastfeeding in winter too!)

Try a smock dresses 

Not only are they super stylish, smock dresses also make a great choice for pregnancy. Featuring a billowing, floaty fit, a smock dress will see you right through pregnancy. 

Pair with tights and boots, and layer with a cardigan and chunky scarf, for an incredibly stylish (and warm!) outfit. 

Look for relaxed-fit dresses 

With so many stylish, relaxed-fit dresses in all your favourite stores, you really don't need to buy special maternity dresses. You may even have some dress options in your wardrobe that will see you right through pregnancy!

Pair an oversized, relaxed dress with tights and boots for a simple, comfortable maternity outfit. Smock dresses, maxi dresses, and shirt dresses are just some of the options. 

Consider maternity jeans and tights

Making the switch from normal jeans to maternity jeans or leggings can be a HUGE relief! Maternity jeans are SO comfy, and tights are also a great choice to pair with shirt dresses and oversized sweaters. 

Embrace the blazer

While knits and sweaters are great for cosy days and, sometimes you might want to look a little sharper! A blazer can work well in these instances. Wear open over a fitted maternity singlet to show off your beautiful bump. 

Invest in a chunky scarf

A chunky scarf or with a cardigan or coat is an easy way to elevate your winter maternity outfit! Add a scarf to your jeans-and-a-tee outfit for an instant outfit lift. Scarves are also an easy way to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. 

Choose breathable fabrics

When you're pregnant you’re likely to feel warmer than usual (NHS Choices, 2018), so even though it's cold, its still important to choose breathable fabrics that will keep you dry and comfortable. Look for fabrics that breathe such as cotton, viscose, and bamboo blended options. Avoid polyester! 

Treat yourself to comfortable bras and briefs

It is SO important to wear well-fitting and supportive maternity bras, and comfortable underwear for pregnancy.

You might find your bra size keeps changing during pregnancy. It pays to choose stretchy, flexible maternity bras that will mould to your changing shape. Close to the Heart maternity bras also feature easy breastfeeding access, so you can continue to wear them as nursing bras once baby is here, and well beyond. 

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