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What are Silverette Nursing Cups?

I first used Silverette Nursing Cups when my third baby was just a few weeks old. I was experiencing really, really bad pain and damage on one side. My nipple... Read More

The Wonders of Silverette Nursing Cups

While we endearingly use the word magical to explain the wonders of Silverette Nursing Cups, the benefits of silver are based on scientific fact and research. For centuries, silver has... Read More

5 Reasons You Need Silverette in Your Hospital Bag

With so many breastfeeding products on the market in NZ, how is a new mama to know what to pack in her hospital and birth bag? Besides toiletries (and a comfy change of clothes), the top item on every mama's list should be Silverette Nursing cups. We share 5 great reasons to grab a pair today and have them ready to go in your birth bag!